flavors of entanglement

Alanis Morissettes Flavors of Entanglement CD

Alanis Morissette's Flavors of Entanglement CD

So last night was one of the event that I will cherish in my life, and am glad I made it happen.
It’s my first ever listening party that I organised for Alanis Morissette‘s latest cd “Flavors of Entanglement (FoE)” that just came out internationally two weeks ago.
If you’ve known me for quite sometime, you’ll know that Alanis Morissette is one of my musical heroes – and I guess now, I can really say that “I’m a real fan”!
Just to give you a bit of background about it, I got hooked with her music when I first heard and seen the video for “You Learn” back in the mid-90’s; And from that moment on, I kept in touch with her music, and read stuff about her and so forth.
It’s also during that time, I built a fan site that started in Geocities then moved to Tripod, then finally having it’s own domain name which is “AlanisPlanet.com” – then the hosting/domain company that I have it on went out of business, and unfortunately I was not able to recover the domain, it basically fallen under a cyber-squatter’s hand.
And so I decided to become quiet about it for a year or so and resurface once again in time for the release of her Under Rug Swept cd, and this time with a brand domain name, Alanis2.com – to this day, it’s still up and running, in spite of it being too static.
I even got invited then to be on a radio program (K-Lite’s Morning Brew) several times to talk about Alanis and all. I was thrilled and have lots of fun (unofficially) representing her.
Going back to the original subject..
Yes, so I have been dreaming of having a gathering of fans here in Manila and I realised that the release of FoE is a perfect time for it.
So, I invited my so-called Alanis friends, put the word out there online – and planned to be surprise. 9 people came, 4 of us are (somewhat) die-hard fans, and the rest still stuck in her Jagged Little Pill era. We watched some videos of Alanis that she did over the years, and of course listened to the album in it’s entirety.
It was indeed a special moment for me, seeing bunch of us listening, enjoying, bitching, and getting excited about her. So thanks to Camille, Alain, Christian, Joel, Manna, Liz, and Madz for being part of the event! And my acknowledgement to all the people who helped me in the past, you know who you are!
Thank you muchly! xx

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