blue candy boy

Ok am not as bitter as the guy who’s this entry is all about, i guess this is my defensive human side talking, so please bear with me while i spat the vileness in me! 😦


You admit it was a “tryst” on your part but for me it’s “not”.
You wanted a relationship, but how long have I known you, a month or two?
You said I’m not smart but why did you like me then, is that mean you’re dumb.
You called me a simian, but what are you — a ophidian.
Oh yes, my English is not good, that I’m aware of, but didn’t you know I’m a malapropism queen. Hahaha.
I’m thankful though, that I’ve met people like you, cos it’s never a dull moment!
I just wish that you would stop hiding behind those words, and confront people instead, because that will be a lot more fun.
And for crying out loud, I didn’t text you because I wanted to remain friends with you, I just wanted to clear the air between you and me, but it looks like I’m clear now that you will never be clear so I’m letting go.
Oh, and go swallow your blue candies and bitter chocolates down, because I will never have a taste of it!
PS: I don’t know why I bother to dedicate an entry about you in my blog, but I guess this is just another way to express my candor. May we both find peace in our lifetime.
PPS: I’m good in borrowing things, and one of the reason why I texted you, is so that I can return the book that you lend me, one way or another.

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