So just came home from Magnet Cafe High Street, where my favourite Up dharma Down (UdD) played. It was fun, I’m starting to like the place more and more. It was an unusual gig for UdD cos they played first, when normally they would play last or second to the last (if Radioactive Sago Project is on as well), this is because they will need to go to Batangas University to do a pretty late gig.

Armi was not well but she managed to please the crowd. It was also especial cos another Dharmalite (n. people idolizing Up Dharma Down, and/or a big fan of them.) named Nica was there, who approached, introduced and acknowledged me for sending out sms about the band’s gigs. That was nice!

We talked about the lyrics of the new songs of UdD, and blow me down she knows more of the lyrics than I do. It was fun though being engaged in a conversation that way.

The band did mostly new songs from the new album, Bipolar. I also liked the new live version of “Every First Second“, with that New Order‘s Blue Monday sample. Smashing!


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