six feet over


Just got home from an Up Dharma Down gig at 6 Underground (6UG). This was my second time at this venue, and I do like the setting of the place. I didn’t plan to go as I was recovering from an unusual sickness ( I don’t normally get sick, yes am evil!), but Nica texted and I got all excited and decided to accompany her.

Sleepwalk Circus, Swissy and Musical O played as well.  Swissy was on her own, it was her, her guitar and her laptop – apparently that would be her new set-up, as the boys who been playing with her have their own endeavours now.

Pity it was pretty quiet though, as UdD played last and it’s been awhile since I heard them play a mixture of new songs and old songs. Oh, and I love their set-up, they’re in circles. They did the entire set facing each other. Armi facing Ean, Pol facing Los. Cute idea!


After the gig, we hang out downstairs with Armi. Ean and his better half Denise was also downstairs chatting. Denise/Ean gave Armi some Baklava, which Armi sweetly offered us as well. So I had a taste, although it’s not what I remember of Baklava (there goes the “fussy” me). Keith Tan was also present being mysterious in the background, so when Armi introduced him to us, I said: “So you’re the mastermind behind On Either Side!”, he just smiled.

I also handed Armi, a copy of Taxi magazine which is a free magazine I got in Hong Kong during the time that they’re being promoted as part of the Channel V’s HK Live!, which I kept but forgot to give to her, and in exchange she gave me a copy of Playboy magazine, the Philippine edition – where they are featured. I jokingly said to her, “this might turn me straight”, and she just giggle.


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