bipolar: acknowledgement & apology


thank you to all those who came and showed their  support for Up dharma Down‘s Bipolar album launch, am pretty sure the band appreciated all this. i would also like to thank my fellow dharmalites who showed up, cheered, bought the album, and for  coming out of their rocks to celebrate this very day.

i would also like to apologise to some people (and to  my friends) who didn’t make it inside the venue – due  to the limit of people that the venue can take in. Terno  didn’t expect that it will be this crowded.
we are suggesting to have a “lister’s night” to make  up for this disappointment, so please join the band’s  Yahoo! group to be inform more about this.
Again, welcome to the Bipolar era! 🙂

2 Responses to “bipolar: acknowledgement & apology”

  1. Hey! It’s John Marcelo. Thanks again for the beer!

  2. prodigaldrifter Says:

    hey ed, thanks for inviting, always nice to hang out with you.
    my apologies too for the setback.
    see you soonest

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