deep fried

After a big day doing workshops with Jac, then attending a pretty out there birthday celebration of our dear friend Ling, at the Green Papaya Project in Kamuning, we topped off the evening by going to Deep Fried, which is a monthly dance party organise by the man behind Groovenation and Terno Recordings, no other than Toti Dalmacion. Toti used to do Consortium back in the 90s, which I have to admit I’ve not heard of, and sadly was too young to be attending, thanks to his blog I was able to go back in time. 


Anyway, Deep Fried is a must for true, open-minded and adventurous house-heads who want more than the usual dance music played in regular clubs in town, this is the event where you can dig, good quality modern electronic dance music. So make sure you come and shake your butts with us next time.


Thanks to those lovely people whom I once again bumped into the dance floor, and to you Toti D., I salute you for your perseverance!


For more info on Deep Fried, click here.


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