Two days ago, I organised my second Alanis Morissette FoE party, the Rockla Edition.

(Rockla means gay people who likes rock music). There were quite a few people who express interest but of course, only one or two of them confirmed on the actual day of the event, so for practical sake, I put it off for next year and instead turn it into a different kind of party. I invited Cam whom I’ve met 5 years ago online, digging the same interest and that is Alanis, it’s funny because it took us a few years to really hit it off as buddies.

So I told Cam what happened, and so we opted for “party no. 2”, which is to hang out and talk/listen about Alanis. We were later joined by a friend Mikhel, whom is not-so-familiar with Alanis, and so we don’t have a choice but to have him swallowed a Jagged Little Pill, hahaha. It’s fun to see how he melted his inhibitions and how the three of us became at home in this high five. And yeah, we were giggling again for no reason. 


Fast forward to a few hours later, we were joined by Cam’s friends who came and brought some firewater, and yeah we been on the sauce for an hour or so. It was nice though, sometimes you just need to stop being in fine fettle and drink like someone under the table.


Thanks to Basol, Martin, Alden, Mike and Cam for sharing this wicked jollification. 😉


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